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Ok, so I am pretty darn happy about the new thing that a 3DS has its own friend code, for all the games, but what if you share that game with a sibling or friend? Does the second person to use the game just use their friend code with your data/scores or what? Am I even making sense?

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You mean sharing the game on a different 3DS? Or sharing different profiles on the same 3DS?

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One friend code per 3DS over all games so... I'd assume that when you play the same game on another 3DS you'd have a different friend code. I'd assume that most save data would be saved on the cartridge though which would move with the game. Some might not be though, I'm not sure what. Street pass features that are saved on the system rather than the game for a start.........

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@pogocoop sharing the game on a seperate 3DS.
@skywake thanks bud!

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