Topic: RUMOR: Friend Codes for 3DS?

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I'd be fine with universal codes

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I'm just gonna avoid all 3DS related news and threads until the 19th. Don't wanna get excited/disappointed for nothing.




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I'd like a something similar to Xbox Live in that you can log into your profile/friend code from other consoles. It would save the hassle of transferring your Wi-Fi data whenever you upgrade your 3DS Phat to the Lite, XL, and ??? models.

If Nintendo is worried about the children, couldn't they just set it up so you don't get a notification when someone adds you; you both have to add each other to be visible? What's the benefit to having 12 digit codes that we have to memorize or write down whenever we want to game? Plus, the 3DS presumably has parental settings...that would make things easier for everyone (except the creepy old dudes and unsuspecting kids I guess).



Anyone who though friend codes were being removed from the beginning is a fool.

You have to consider ONE thing before you begin to hope for something by Nintendo.
Is there a slight possibility that someone might be able to sue Nintendo if they don't do something?

So. Increasing the size of 3DS carts over DS? Sure, they can do it.
Make the screen 3D? Sure, if they give you a billion warnings.
Can they remove friend codes? Absolutely not.
Can they make their online system easy to use so you can make friends easily and fast? No.
Can they make a good first party game? Sure, as long as it's not Earthbound. lol



I have never been into online gaming very much for any platform, but some type of universal Friend Code would be appreciated.


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Please. PLEASE let it be false. Nintendo can't be this ignorant of industry standards.

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Nintendo make their own standards.

As long as this is system-code only I don't see the problem. Children will be using the console and Nintendo are extremely wary of inviting anyone and everyone into thier online gaming experience. Which is sensible. If they start adding extra game-codes on top of the system code, then yeah, that's too much.

rumors (and the way people are reacting to them) are p'ing me off now

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All Nintendo has learned is that both their consoles which had friend codes were the best selling consoles and that the majority of people who had a Wii weren't affected by friend codes because they never hooked it up online, and the less people online the less servers they have to maintain and pay for.

Remember, a house that is burnt to the ground is an improvement over one that is still ablaze, While the improvement is useless it is still better then the fire spreading.

Could you imagine if the entire online experience was reduce to their tag mode and shop channel and the marketing spin was that it is an improvement due to no friend codes.



Well Maybe there's a way to show your friend codes via streetpass.
I also don't understand friend codes are like phone numbers.
Friend Codes aren't much of a bother, but it would be nice if Nintendo could make an invitation feature, where you choose "Invite" on someones friend code and then they are invited to a round of street fighter, or Mario Kart

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I kinda hate friend codes, but I heard awhile back that for the 3DS there was just one friend code for your whole system and games. I wouldn't really mind putting in only one code per person.


I love the PS3's friend system. You type in the person's name that you want to add, they get a message requesting friendship, and they accept. Now any game that you both have you can play together online. Easy enough. I don't know about the 360, but I assume it's pretty similar. So... Yeah. Why not? There are parental controls, no?

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@zezhyrule: Yes, it is quite similar and yes, there are parental controls. Even with Nintendo being so afraid of legal action, you'd think they could cover their butts simply by having those parental controls in place and reasonably advertised. You don't hear about it much, but there are plenty of people using parental controls on Xbox Live, and the kids are completely safe. So it would be with Nintendo, if they'd let it.

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