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Okay, so it's really nice of nintendo to include the creation of folders on the home screen. but sadly, they didn't go all out and the label only shows the first character of the folder name (wut?). hope nintendo will update the system someday to include icons or if not, let us draw our own ala mario kart ds emblem.

Imagine a folder with megaman's head for all the megaman games @_@.

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Nintendo wants kids to read, bad nintendo, yet another reason why Sony understands us and is better.

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Or at least the ability to change the color of the folder... I mean, come on!

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I just use a symbol as the 1st letter of my folder name - way better imo than having like 3 folders named G or D or things like that.

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Yes. This is clearly a very important, and not at all trivial, thing that Nintendo should devote all its resources to correcting.

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