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TheDreamingHawk wrote:

I would have fun doing it by myself if it included a little tutorial. Even though I am good at Inchworm animation, I can't hardly control flipnote well enough to do much.

Really? It's the easiest animation program I've tried - not that I've tried all that many though

But tutorials would be nice actually. Learning how to do some cool stuff. Especially if it allows for 3D animation, could be quite awesome.

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This was one of the reasons I bought a 3ds. Too bad there is almost no information about when its coming.

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Me myself would love the release of Flipnote Memo even though I got banned on Hatena i'm way mature & less likely to get banned on Memo. Anyways for who were sick of the spammers, scammers Star beggers they were taking care of and for people who wanted to post notes and view certain notes there were channels so you wouldn't be exposed to wierdos and spammers. And you can't really expect a system with millions of people on it to be the most stable site in the world. But yeah, I can't wait.

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TheDreamingHawk wrote:

But you can easily report those posts, unlike Flipnote.

Except you CAN report flipnotes (at least stolen ones). Not only that, you're given an incentive to do so (I don't know about Colors! 3D, I don't have it)

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So... Is this a nonexistent app? Has Nintendo completely forgotten about it? Or is there hope...?

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