Topic: Flipnote 3D... any possible release in nintendo latest console ??

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I'ma be beasting that flipnote 3DS

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I think it might be good idea, might be difficult though.


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So your saying that on the 3ds there will be flipnote studio and flipnote hatena on there but it just wont be in 3d ? i am quite confused here sorry lol . ^ ^'

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This would be really simple to do. They could just take the original image and then have a select button. Once you select something it pops up a slider and the slider moves the two images (as shown in red and blue on the lower screen) and moves them left and right representing how far the depth is and how much it's being changed.



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There people who still use Filpnotes

No one really draws cartoons there, just pics of them selfs and Bad 2min music.......
But Filpnote is still a good idea for the DS, and makeing it 3D would be cool too,
but I only things we're going to see in 3D on Filpnotes, are a buch a "Woop-Da-shoop", and more Cruel drawings....

UGH I hate that! Most flipnotes are "add stars to this cuz sum random puppy you've never met before died" or "download this and erase first layer" crap. Really, I miss how when Flipnote originally came out and it was full of actual animations.

Who doesnt hate those flipnotes. I also hate stolen flipnotes. All that hard work to have some loser download it, post it, and call it theirs. Luckly, Hatena made a new feature where you can report these, and get color stars in return!!! I also hate the add stars until the clock runs out. Oh, but even worse, blue star contest!

One time I made a point about star begging. I said something like, you can't get mad over the star beggers, you can only get mad over the people who add stars. Its the star adders who keep star begging alive. We can't stop star begging, we can only stop star adding.

That's why I rarely go to Flipnote Hatena anymore. I've actually talked to BOSS about it one time, and he definitely encourages the better animators about locking up their properties. Some people on Hatena are just pigs.

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I do hope they make one, because it's gonna look as bad as a DS game on 3DS with it. I really want make my Flipnotes 3D.

My Pikmin are ready.

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I wish Nintendo would make Comic Book studio... Would have made me rush out and grab a DSi XL



I would like to say something if the 3DS Console has a camera where you can edit picture on which the bottom screen is in 2D then why couldn't you just have a bottom sceen to draw on and it would come out to be in 3d on the top of the screen if they perfected this with the Nintendo 3DS on 3DS camera I wouldn't see why they could not make a Flipnote Hatena 3D sure they would have to create a whole new website where you could find information on 3DS flipnote Hatena support ect... but I believe that this is Very possible. Yes they will have Dsi Ware where you can probably get access to Dsi Flpinote With everything that is similar But I do not think if they Posiibly make a "Flipnote 3D" it would not be released by close to the end of May possibly in the Summer There has been confirmed a few thing about what is going to happen in May 2011 they Most likely are going to release E-shop by late May or Early June That is what I am Predicting what is going to happen in the months of May/June. I am glad I could Make this statement clear.



I'm afraid that if i watch 3D flips online, someone will make m get seizures... lol

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@pntjr imagine those weird illusions in 3D!!

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Ya know, it's funny to look back about a year ago and see what others said and spectated. Now fast forward about 9 months and BAM! FlipNote Studio for the 3DS has already been convienient!

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