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Are there any plans to launch the Flare Red 3DS in Europe?

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i don't know anything about it..

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No news yet. I'm guessing we'll see Flare Red 3DS in November.... For Black Friday.

They did this in the same year when DSi came out where there were exclusive Metallic Blue DSi being sold on Black Friday that came with some Mario games. And the Red and Green DSi last year.

I'm assuming this Flare Red 3DS will come with Super Mario 3DS or Mario Kart 3DS for a limited time during the holidays.



When it comes out I'm getting it, to go with my red car.



I've only ever screenshots of it... and it never really tickled my fancy. It looks pretty smexi I'll give it that, but just not my kinda console colour... :/

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Nintendo of (insert name of region other than Japan) has remained tight-lipped about new 3DS colors coming to regions other than Japan. I know how you feel man. I personally really want this orange 3DS.

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Are you sure that's an orange model and not just the black one? To me it kind of looks like the black one but just reflecting the lighting that's on it in such a way that it appears orange-ish in the photo. But i have no idea one way or the other, lol

That said, i'm happy with my black model.

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It is orange, but I can see how you would think it was black. The image I linked to in my earlier post came from an IGN post just after last years E3 that showed several 3DS's in various colors including the orange and purple systems. Also, you can find more pictures of the orange 3DS on google that show the system from several angles, like this one.

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