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I've had my 2ds since November and am thinking of getting my first game for it. I enjoy strategy games (I love Advanced Wars and various tower defence games -Field Runners on dsi). Any recommendations that I should consider?

Thanks in advance.

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Fire Emblem is a nice strategy game that will last long.



Fire Emblem: Awakening is the "go to" strategy game right now. There are many tower defense games in the eShop as well. Check the demos as well, there is one in there that has mixed reviews called World Conqueror 3D. But yeah, FE:A is probably your best bet, it has a lot of strategy involved in the game, more than most even, and the interface is similar to Advanced Wars, though less touch involved.

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Fire Emblem is made by the same people who make Advance Wars.
It's pretty much Advance Wars but with soldiers instead of tanks.
It's amazing.

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