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I see, thanks, however, one thing is still wondering me, I saw some screenshots with flirting, It happens automatically (if I reach A for example) or I need to start a relationship?

Also, I understand that marriage cannot be done with the gender, but a relationship can. Can I finish the game without getting married?

Yep. You can complete the game without getting married. However, I wouldn't recommend it as marriage offers a lot of benefits such as supports and stronger characters that result from the kids. I'm not sure if I correctly understand your comment on flirting. If this is on the path to marriage, some character pairs will flirt, others will not until around A. However, they all will get married. I'm not sure what you mean by relationship and automatically? To get to A rank, you need to start a relationship with another character.

Well, it is simple. It (relationship) starts automatically or I need to ''turn it on''?

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Wow, I guess everyone's in the Fates thread now. It's been a blast with Awakening, and talking about it with everyone here, kinda sad to see it go.

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