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Hi i am new in this forum, my question is i preorder the fire emblem limited bundle why is yours opinion this or 3ds xl, the screen size is not problem my preocupation is more the defects! hinge wooble etc. what is your opinions thanks and sorry for my english is not my first lenguage



Finn-and-Jake wrote:

I vote for just the game.

i not have a 3ds ,this would be the First



Thanks for your reply. I would get the bundle if I were you. If you really don't care about the screens, then get the bundle, that way you get a pretty console, a 4GB SD Card (instead of a 2GB for the 1st model) a $40 game, and the artbook (if you purchase the artbook from Best Buy)
As for defects, Nintendo have made updated versions of the 3DS, so they have no defects.

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yes, my preocupation is more the defect .

thanks both!!



I'd go with an XL if I were you. The bigger screens really make a difference + battery life.
I guess I'd go for the bundle too, but only if I wanted a collector's item.

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