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hi all, some of you guys may have seen my post on me asking various questions on the 3ds as i was interested in buying one, well im pleased to say i bought one today, here's what i bought, an aqua 3ds, 3d monkey ball, mario 3ds,ridge racer 3ds, nintendogs and cats (for the little ones!!! nobody rip me for this haha), mario and luigi inside story for ds, donkey kong country for wii and wii party game, an extra nunchuk and wii wheel, all for a grand total of £368 totally broke now. i would give you all my friend code but i dont know where to find it? help please???

Twitter = @woodlin37
3DS FC = 272447918538



Once you've got a Mii made and you've got your 3DS set up for internet access, tap the little orange smiley-face icon at the top of the System Menu screen — that's your Friend List. If you look at your own Friend Card, you'll see your FC. Once you've found it, go ahead and post it to the 3DS FC thread. :3

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