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It's funny. The character's in that tech demo look to be slightly more detailed than the ones from FFVII (during gameplay, not cutscenes).



Since it appears that FFV and FFVI are being released on PSN, this probably means that FFV and FFVI will be remade for the 3DS if they were remade (but I would still buy them if they were remade for the PSP2). All this FFV talk makes me want to give FFV Advance another chance...after I finish FFIV: The After Years. The DS could have probably handled FFV and FFVI, but Square Enix probably wanted to remake those games for a more powerful handheld.

@Vinstigator-There is a Data Install on PSP games that greatly reduces or eliminates loading times, and FFIV: TCC is one of those games. Also, I was talking about Square Enix's PSP library altogether, not just their FF games.

The DS version of FFIV is HARDER than the other versions, and I am sure there are plenty of people who will agree with me. FFIV DS might appeal to FF veterans, but it is NOT appealing to people who have never played a FF game before (like me at the time). FFIV DS drove me away due to it's ugly graphics and ridiculous difficulty. Do you think the PS1 FF games' graphics are lovely? Of course not, and that also goes for the graphics in FFIII and FFIV. I do not expect the most advanced graphics out of games. I just want decent looking graphics, that's all. I rather have 16-bit graphics than ugly PS1 or DS 3D graphics anyday. Games with primitive 3D graphics tend to age a LOT faster compared to 2D games.

Also, Sony scored in the end. You had to pay a heck of a lot more money to buy the DS version of FFIV AND all the episodes of The After Years. Whereas PSP owners got FFIV, TAY, and a brand new Interlude all in one collection for a very reasonable price. Also, you do not need voice acting and cinematic cutscenes to enjoy the story of a FF game. The first non-remake FF game to actually have these features was FFX, so that point is moot.

Anyway, that is all I have to say for now. I am sure Swerd and TBD said nearly everything else that I have not mentioned.

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I agree, Square Enix should remake VII.

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