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@Betel: Actually I meant the PSP music sounds better than the DS's. Some of the SNES tunes are classic, but others are really grating on the ears IMHO... Like the lunar whale theme, haha. O_o

Part of the reason I want this on the 3DS so bad is that it's already MADE, and thus would require relatively little effort to port. FFIV+TAY+ a scenario to tie them together = mega win. Plus it's the 20th anniversary of FFIV, which released on a Nintendo system, so it seems fitting for the anniversary remake to be released on a Nintendo system, haha.



I have this sinking feeling that Square Enix is going to port something else to the 3DS first, like Crisis Core:Final Fantasy VII. But that is not a bad thing if it does happen, because Crisis Core is a fantastic game.



Come on! Final Fantasy IV is already on the DS and I didn't like tAY at all.

I would rather see a FF3, FF6 or FF7 remake.


But it's not in deliciously succulent 2D!




An FF3 remake in this fashion would be nice, but in all honesty this is the remake I've been waiting for: an FF4 that looks and sounds as good as it plays.

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My brother owns a PSP. ( he just found it) so I will make him buy this and steal his PsP. Ha ha. It better come to the 3DS.

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