Topic: extreme gloss creates extreme glare in daylight. just me?

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Am I the only one who feels like the 3D screen is way more glossy than it needs to be? is it also something about the nature of the 3D screen?
In daytime in a light room (not even direct sunlight, like a pretty dim hallway) there is such a heavy reflection of my own face that it kind of makes the 3D hard to look at and picture taking is also really tricky. I thought it was just my adjusting to the images, but I finally played it a little in full darkness and it's so much clearer.
I wonder if there are any 3rd party screen covers that reduce it yet, and would that inadvertantly affect the 3D if you did cover it with a matte surface. I hope theres some way to tone it down.
I'm at least happy I got the Black one, I finally saw a blue one and it looks rediculous. I'd have rather had red or white, but I can live with Black over that plasticky looking blue. Anyway, anyone else bugged by this glare/ reflection?



I found the opposite to be the case. I can actually play my DS and 3DS games in direct sunlight now! And that's when the brightness is only on 3!
I never used to be able to play on my DS while waiting for the bus at the busstop, but now I find that I can with the 3DS.

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Hmm, I guess it's just me then, sorry. My last DS is an old fat grey one and I never had that problem before, but I don't know how the other ones are. I haven't touched the brightness, either, maybe it's set really high by default that could be the problem.



the brightness of the 3DS screen is indeed set to full by default. i find it easier to see the 3D if it's turned down about halfway (or it's easier on my eyes, anyway). tap the little sun icon in the upper left-hand corner of the Home screen to change your brightness setting.

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no you are not alone the top screen and all around it is very glossy. nintendo once said they had to make it like that because of the special stereoscopic screen.
i find it hard to play in much light too.

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