Topic: Extended warranty question for 3ds xl, please help.

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I found an awesome store that I want to purchase my 3ds xl at, however they don't sell extended warranties!!!! That won't fly with how my electronics normally end up. I don't want to buy the item anywhere besides the store I found because this store doesn't re sell opened / used items which is a nice change. Can someone tell me a source that I can just buy the warranty from? I swear i saw people talking about it before, buying the extended warranty from a third party source that they didn't buy the actual console from, somehow the store was just selling the warranty.. because i really need that warranty for drops / power surges / spills...

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If its a new system then nintendo has a year long warranty on it anyway. as for accident forgiveness i know best buy sells those

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Iirc when you register your system on Club Nintendo you get an extended warranty. Besides never buy a stores extended warranty your just wasting your money

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