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This is basically everything in the Mii Plaza Streetpass that is unlockable/available (Find Mii & Puzzle Swap)

In Puzzle Swap there are 7 Puzzles... which is equal to 105 pieces. I have all the panels but Im missing pieces from 2 of them.
In Find Mii there are a bunch of Hats that can be unlocked by playing through it twice, nothing special about playing thru the 3rd time.
When streetpassing with people you can go up to 99 meet-ups, after that they'll continue to say "We've met 99 times!" You can still connect with them but the counter doesn't go past 99

Is anybody else at this state in Mii Plaza? Also, if you want to know what the hats/puzzle panels are, just say so, didn't want to spoil too much :3

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Feel free to add your findings to this existing thread. :3

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