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New Etrian X info from


Atlus recently announced Etrian Odyssey X as new “complete crossover title” that puts together everything from the series, and director Shigeo Komori shared more on what’s new in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine.

Here are some highlights from the interview with Komori-san:

  • Etrian Odyssey V was made to be a culmination made for the direction of “challenging something new.” However, on the other hand, Komori felt that there were many fans who expected it as a collection of all the good things from the series so far. That was one of the main reasons he decided to make Etrian Odyssey X as another compilation.
  • The stage of Etrian Odyssey X is set in Lemuria. This land is located far away from other continents, and has a sea of trees familiar to past adventurers that surrounds the Yggdrasil Tree located in the middle of the land.
  • However, players might want to be careful as any knowledge of past dungeons might backfire. There are some elements that will put a smile on the faces of veteran Etrian Odyssey players as well.
  • Komori says that implementing a world map is something he has always wanted to do. There are numerous labyrinths, and you’ll unlock new areas or activate events by meeting requirements.
  • Etrian Odyssey X boasts the most volume thus far in the series, and it includes labyrinths that aren’t required to clear the game.
  • The new class “Hero” has enough of a new feeling to not have it be overshadowed by conventional classes, as it has been made as a class suited for protagonists. It’s a all-rounded class that can attack, defend, and even heal.
  • In order to make the main class show off its advantages, the Force Boost and Force Break systems are being introduced.

Etrian Odyssey X releases in Japan on August 2, 2018 for Nintendo 3DS.

Sounds like it went halfway back to the approach of Etrian 4. No overworld navigation, but the game is composed of multiple smaller labyrinths instead of one big dungeon. Although I wonder how different that will feel, fuctionally, from having different stratums in one big dungeon.

The "hero" class sounds a bit... white bread. Jack of all trades. We'll see. I kind of like the weird changes made to the classes in Etrian V, even if it meant rethinking my traditional party setup.

What I'm more worried about is the Force Boost/Break system coming back. Might mean more FOEs and bosses with insanely bloated HP pools like in EO2U, which is that game's biggest downside, imo.

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@Ralizah Glad your comment here is the first of the page so more people will see it.

Glad we get one more game to debate which will be the best in the end. Maybe they can figure out how to bring the series to the switch. Maybe make it handheld only so we can still draw a map or even split the screen display and have half map half gameplay.

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MERG said:

If I was only ever able to have Monster Hunter and EO games in the future, I would be a happy man.

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Massive Etrian X infodump today via Gematsu.


– Gather in the floating city “Maginia,” and aim for the treasure on the remote island of “Lemuria” in the distant sea

“Etria, at the far east. High Lagaard, the northern kingdom. Armoroad, the seaside city. Tharsis, the farthest city. And adventurers of the vast expanse from nations all over the world. Gather in the floating city Maginia, and aim for the treasure on the remote island of Lemuria in the distant sea.”

– Under the decree of Princess Persephone, adventurers seeking unknown treasure and honor gather in the floating city Maginia from nations all over the world
– Lemuria is an island said to be covered in thick clouds, and whose outskirts are always stormy
– After a long/difficult journey, the adventurers that gathered on the floating city Maginia weathered the storm and landed on Lemuria
– Their place of destination: the giant world tree, Yggdrasil
– At the foot of this tree is supposed to be a legendary treasure left behind by the ancient civilization Lemuria
– The fortune and honor sought by adventurers, and possibly unknown adventure lies dormant in Lemuria

– 19 classes in the game
– New “Hero” class
– The adventurers of the series up until now have all gathered in order to procure the treasure of Lemuria
– Mix and match the series’ popular classes to create a dream party that previously could not be put together
– Challenge the labyrinths with a “crossover” all your own

New Class: Hero

– Vanguard: Attack and Defense Type
– A soldier who fights with a sword and shield
– Never gives up even when in critical condition
– Has many skills that assist party members and strong wave attacks unseeming of a single person.

Other Classes

– Paladin (Etrian Odyssey), Bushido (Etrian Odyssey), Medic (Etrian Odyssey), Ranger (Etrian Odyssey), Gunner (Etrian Odyssey II), War Magus (Etrian Odyssey II), Highlander (Etrian Odyssey II), Prince / Princess (Etrian Odyssey III), Shogun (Etrian Odyssey III), Zodiac (Etrian Odyssey III), Shinobi (Etrian Odyssey III), Farmer (Etrian Odyssey III), Landsknecht (Etrian Odyssey IV), Nightseeker (Etrian Odyssey IV), Arcanist (Etrian Odyssey IV), Imperial (Etrian Odyssey IV), Pugilist (Etrian Odyssey V), Harbinger (Etrian Odyssey V)
Character customization

– Every class has four different appearances (the Highlander only has two) and additional colors to choose from
– Choose hair, eye, and skin color, and pick one of over 60 types of voices from 33 voice actors
– 33 voice actors
– “No Voice” is also an option

– Series’ largest volume of labyrinths await you
– Draw maps to your heart’s content
– Auto-mapping available
– Move on the “World Map”
– Events occur in various locations, and smaller labyrinths besides the main labyrinths are also being prepared

Labyrinth No. 1: Shrine of the Eastern Grounds

– A mysterious ruins located north from the base city Maginia
– Known as the “Shrine of the Eastern Grounds”
– There is no sign of human life here, and it is overgrown with various vegetation
– An unknown ruins on an unknown continent, what will happen here is truly unclear
– Many previously explored expanses will block the player’s path forward
– As you proceed exploring, you will arrive at many previously explored expanses
– While their atmosphere may be the same, their map and structure seem to be completely different

– Crossover of the systems from each entry in the series
– This includes the “Force Burst” and “Force Break” systems from Etrian Odyssey Untold 2, the “Sub-Class” system from Etrian Odyssey III and Etrian Odyssey IV, the significantly increased level of character creation and difficulty options from Etrian Odyssey V, and more
– Difficulty options included

– The base of your adventure is Maginia, a floating city inhabited by many people
– Center has a plaza with facilities like the Adventurer’s Guild and inn
– Maginia is where adventurers will make preparations before heading out to explore the dangerous labyrinths
– More than 20 NPC characters
– NPCs have deep knowledge of Yggdrasil and the treasure of Lemuria

Lady of the Lake Cottage

– Vivian is a girl who lives a self-indulgent life with her cat Merlin
– She works as the inn receptionist under the orders of her parents
– Basically lazy and always says unmotivated things
– Can rest and save
– Lady of the Lake Cottage is a handy facility that can also hold onto your luggage

Napier’s Firm

– Napier is a businesswoman from the seaside city Armoroad
– She set off to the floating city Magnia with the catchphrase in mind, “If you find yourself in the vast unknown, you’re bound to find hidden treasure”
– She seems to do business even in Maginia
– The Napier Firm is an important facility that not only sells weapons, armor, and items, it also does blacksmithing

Kvasir’s Bar

– Kvasir runs a bar in the floating city Maginia
– He stays composed when he is silent, but has a haphazard way of speaking which tends to confuse those around him
– The bar receives various requests (quests) and information gathered from adventurers

Adventurer’s Guild

– Muller is a soldier of the floating city Maginia, and the man in charge of the guild that oversees the adventurers of this expedition
– He is always composed, but shows a soldier-like intensity in times of emergency
– At the Adventurer’s Guild, players can do things such as register adventurers and form a party

Exploration Headquarters

– Persephone is the princess of the floating city Maginia
– Inviting adventurers from nations all over the world, she lands in Lemuria in search of treasure
– She is also the head of the Exploration Headquarters, which issues guild “Missions”

@Spoony_Tech It's definitely more of a "greatest hits" sort of game than a proper sequel. The Monster Hunter Generations of the series.

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This game....yes Will be so good. Great way to say goodbye to a great series ;__;

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@Ralizah As long as it's a new game is all I care about.

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MERG said:

If I was only ever able to have Monster Hunter and EO games in the future, I would be a happy man.

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The cover art is pretty sexy, though.


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