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the books in that collection can be read for free on the internet.
if the writer of a book is dead for 100years te book gtes free i think. something like that...

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ebook, im not sure. id rather have a real book in my hands anyway.

but a text file reader would be essential. how many times i need a FAQ or a text file to keep track of things in my favourite rpgs.

or even have a quick access to phone numbers, road informations, shopping list,etc...
notepad for 3ds ! and a quick access just like the notes or the web browser

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The text can pop out towards you!

Umm, yeah, great.

Kind of....

/me goes back to his kindle

In all seriousness, I have absolutely no desire to read on an LCD based, 3.5 in-ish size screen with a relatively low resolution. Its either a real book or e-ink for me :/



Well, I don't want to be considered a 3DS hater, but I must agree with GabeGreens - it's either real book, or something as close to it as possible. I generally don't like reading anything long from any kind of screen, it's just painful, and 3DS with it's not-so-high resolution and generally short battery life would be ill-equipped for any eBooks.

So - no, it's better off that way. Besides - look at the built-in browser - it's not tragic, but it's not something you'd use on a regular basis. I imagine eBook app would not fare much better than that.

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csmobit wrote:

Incidentally, how many pages in average do the books in "100 Classic Book Collection" contain? I'm intrigued to pick it up now.

About 3000 pages in average. But since there's just not much space for text on the DS(i) you better check out the amazon site for each individual book. Normally you can see how many pages the book has there. I'd say that makes about 350 pages in an "analog" book but i could be totally wrong about that.

And yes, in general i like the idea of comics / graphical novels / pop up books on the 3DS.

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csmobit wrote:

Holy atomic pile of pages, Batman! Wow that's insane. 3000 pages. Hmm, gonna re-think this thing I think. Thanks for the info, LTD.

The books are the same length as they would be if you bought them in a book shop. It's just that a DS 'page' is about the size of two paragraphs.


@WaltzElf: Thanks for the translation dude.
I just thought it would be obvious from my last post. And just anticipated csmobit meant he doesn't want to "digiturn" so many pages.


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The screen will be super tiny to read on

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Yeah...I just go to the Library.

What's this bit for again?


i don't have a problem with tiny screens — i've been using the Kindle app on my iPhone quite a bit since I got the thing, and it can only hold about two paragraphs' worth of text on the screen at a time. i don't see why it'd be unfeasible. :3

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Tossing in my yay vote for an e-reader app on 3DS, especially the XL. It may not be up to par with dedicated readers, but I would LOVE the option. One less device to lug around.

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