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And I'm sitting here playing Super Monkey Ball 3D right now and don't let the gameplay videos scare you off. It's actually a very impressive looking game (although I'm betting there will be lots of people toss their cookies playing this one in full 3D).

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Xkhaoz 3D wrote:

Meh, I don't really care about content in Pilotwings. I'll play it for hours upon hours, like I did in WSR in Island Flyover.

I loved that mode in resort!
It was great flying over tweeny mii's that were having a party below blasting off fire works into the
The only mode Nintendo dropped the ball in that game would of had to of been Cycling...



Odnetnin wrote:

I forgot how much I missed AlexSays around here until he just made the 3DS sound terrible even though I've pre-ordered it and almost paid it off.

I don't know whether to say thanks or to apologize. lol

I'm actually far more excited about the 3DS than I have been about any other handheld. It has far more online opportunities and can actually play decent looking games. Plus the 3D effect should fit well into a handful of games.

The only problem I can envision is Nintendo releasing a bunch of remakes that are just games we've played + 3D. That would not be good.

Anyway, I'll look into buying the system as well as soon as there's something I'd like to play other than Madden. When does Paper Mario come out? Whatever day that is will probably be the day I buy one.



I've pre-ordered Super Monkey Ball 3DS already! Good to hear/read!


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I understand your port worries. I'm just jumping onboard while the decent pre-order deals are around and am holding out until the great original games come (like Paper Mario and Kid Icarus). Pokemon and Street Fighter should keep me busy until then.

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Re-edited my title post to include ONM's latest reviews.


Super Street Fighter IV 91% (Gold Award)
Ridge Racer 3DS 87% (Fantastic 3D racing, but no on-line)
Asphalt 3D 70% (Surprisingly good, but only worth in at around £20)
Super Monkey Ball 3D 70% (Same as above. Low on content, but good)
Piltowings Resort 81% (Very good, but low on content)
PES 2011 3D 78% (Compulsive, but no-online and no evolution from old games)
Nintendogs + Cats 84% (Engaging pet sim)
Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars (Inspired by Advance Wars)

Preview of Splinter Cell 3D make it sound close second to Chaos Theory

Eagerly awaiting more revws from NL's dons


"They say video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock n' roll."


The only games I'll actually buy are ones with multiplayer and/or great replay value - games like SMB and Pilotwings I'll rent because, after 'using up' the content after probably just a few days of intense playing, I won't be playing them much at all. I'm getting SSFIV with the 3DS as I never actually got the chance to play it on another console, and am hoping to get one shooter with multiplayer, one racing game with multiplayer, and then animal crossing and the new 'super mario galaxy'.

So I'm just looking forward to the reviews rolling in for SMB and Pilotwings to maybe change my mind about not buying them

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