Topic: DSiWare Save Data Cannot Be Transferred to 3DS, All Data Erased

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@Hyper_Knuckles - You can transfer games individually, at least according to the source on the first post.

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I can now confirm that abgar's proposed SD card idea does not work. The system doesn't recognize it at all.



I just transferred 1 DSiWare game (yes, 1. Its being extremely finicky right now so I just squeaked Solitaire in) The transfer screen is AMAZING!!! It has all these Pikmin running across the screen and then they pick the game up like its an object and carry it to the new system. I love it!! Oh, and we were lied to. Art Academy, Domo, and Pinball Pulse CANNOT be transferred

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You could take pictures of your high scores before you transfer, so you'd always have a record of them.

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Well, let's look at the bright side, if we haven't played a certain game in a while, it might be nice to start fresh!



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