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Hi ive finally got coming a black 3DS (£125 from Priceminister) and i already have a XL with many DSiware games on it how exactly do you get those games onto a 3DS, and can you have the games on both systems at the same time, thx.



you hit system transfer ( get it on DSi through the shop)
then watch Pikmins transfer them over, and no you cant play on both

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There's an app you can download on your XL DSi shop, you'll obviously need the most up to date firmware.
Once you have that, you turn the app on, and also turn the app on on the 3DS (it's in the settings) and just follow the instructions.

Note: If you have games on the SD card, they will not transfer over, the purchases will, but not the actual files, so put as much as you can on the actual XL memory.



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