Topic: DS games look better on 3DS after firmware upgrade?

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I just read an article from Gonintendo talking about the firmware upgrade could have possibly enhanced the quality of DS games played on the Nintendo 3DS. So, I tried it out to see if it was true and it DOES look slightly better than before.

Article Here:

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I've definitely noticed a raise in the quality of DS games since the update which is odd because I was sure there was no way that could be done since you can't just magically change the 3DS's screen resolution. I guess Nintendo found a way...I'm just not really sure how.

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They probably improved their scaling algorithms a little. Hopefully they'll be able to improve them further in future.

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Fine, I'll be the one to say it. There's already a topic here.


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I've also noticed performance in Dead or Alive Dimensions seems to have improved in 3d mode. Anyone notice this or am I just seeing things?



Ive noticed that Dead or Alive slows down in parts like character select and the sound stutters sometimes when fighting but only since the update. I know they mentioned Ridge Racer would have some problems that would be sorted in a new update in the coming weeks so hopefully it will sort out the DoA glitch. The glitch doesnt affect the fighting or adds any lag, just the sound which is a bit irratating.

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