Topic: DS Game Resolution fixed!?

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But the DSi XL had bigger screens. Was this an issue back then?

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They had physically bigger screens, but they were still 256x192 pixels.

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just tried out tony hawks proving ground. only 3d ds game i have

the charakter model looks sharper...i think

i never played many ds games on my 3DS so i cant really tell but if this is true then a say "thanks nintendo"

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Well, I'm playing Rayman right now for DSiWare, and I didn't catch anything that would make me say, "Wow, it looked so much better on the DSi." while playing it. It looks almost the same. Almost.


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Sneaker13 wrote:

But the DSi XL had bigger screens. Was this an issue back then?

It had the same resolution, though. So basically the DSi XL had physically bigger pixels. The 3DS has physically smaller pixels, and more of them.



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