Topic: Dragon Quest Rocket Slime sequel on the way

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Highwinter wrote:

Disappointed that the 3DS Dragon Quest game isn't a compilation of 1, 2 and 3 or a port of 7.. but from what I hear the first Rocket Slime game was pretty good. Still hope to see some of the main games re-released in the future.

I wouldn't say this IS the Dragon Quest title promised to be on 3DS.. I'm sure I heard "Dragon Quest series" being on the 3DS. I'm sure we'll see Dragon Quest 7 along the way. SE could just have DQ on Nintendo's consoles and FF games on NGP. Vice versa or whateva.

I had a feeling that DQX would be moved to 3DS but it seems like progress with the game on Wii is going swell. I can partly imagine a simultaneous release on Wii and 3DS.



Great news. I liked the first one, especially the tank battles. Im assuming the ship battles in this one will be similar.

Now if only they would release 7 and 8 on 3DS. Never played 7, but 8 was one of my favourite PS2 rpgs.



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