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Hey guys. My nintendo 3DS won't download things from the eshop when I am at my house.
You know the animation that is like a thing holding little circles that drop them in the center? It starts that way but then the little things keep showing with no circles, and then it just stops altogether.

I know it's my house internet because it works elsewhere, and I remember when I first got it there were guides recommending resetting the modem or like modifying the firewall on the internet so that it would work but I can't find any of those guides, so perhaps you could point me in the right direction?
The internet works fine for everything else, it's just this that it won't allow, I don't know why! Even using my phone as a WIFI hotspot allows me to download things...



Morpheel wrote:

Try using the download later option and leaving your 3DS closed for a bit.

yes that works but why? Why does it only work that way?






Your best bet might be calling Nintendo's support line. Don't get mad for me saying that, because I don't know the answer myself!

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