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New mode please. I can't stand the difficulty of the original

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My 2 cents on this game if you will. I don't even notice the lower frame rate. Hasn't bother me even once. The controls are a breath of fresh air and very responsive. The only thing I've noticed so far are the slightly muddier colors in some areas otherwise this game looks great in 3d. The only other problem I could see is if you don't own an xl then the screen could be small and hard to see where the secrets are.

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Personally I think this is the superior version of the game. The frame rate also never registered with me, and the 3D effects add a lot more than I expected them to. Plus it feels like a better fit for a handheld, but that's obviously personal preference. Excellent game.




Philip_J_Reed wrote:

Personally I think this is the superior version of the game. The frame rate also never registered with me, and the 3D effects add a lot more than I expected them to. Plus it feels like a better fit for a handheld, but that's obviously personal preference. Excellent game.

Took the words out of my mouth.
It's excellent looks amazing on 3DS.

I own a original 3DS and find it easy to see everything, no issue.

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So far, so good! The 3D effect is phenomenal, and the controls feel good. I notice the pace isn't as smooth as the original, but that doesn't hurt the game at all. The opening cutscene was beautiful in 3D!

I notice there's a few things different from the original. One of them is a new jingle for when you collect a orb in a temple level. The other is the Movie Gallery, but I don't know what movies it would show there. DKCR only has four animated cutscenes, but there were plenty of slots in the Movie Gallery.

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Love it. Best game since mario 3d Land. I barely played this on the Wii but I love the 3D effect and the new mode I like because I'm a noob.

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Glad to hear that the port went above and beyond. My copy is on its way, but I really wanna finish Luigis Mansion before I get started with DK & Animal Crossing. Can't complain about the amount of quality content from Nintendo.

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@Dev - I noticed that too. A different jingle for the orbs is a nice little change.
As for the movies, I'm going through World 5 right now (collected every puzzle piece thus far) and none of them are unlocked yet. They might be some original content; finding out what they are is a good enough reason for me to play through the game again.

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I didn't mean to buy this on day one, I really didn't. I saw it was out last night so I checked GAM's website and ended up buying a download code for £30. Really enjoying it so far. I haven't played the Wii version but I did play the SNES games not to long ago and enjoyed them immensely.

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This game is surprisingly difficult. I'm not playing on New Mode because wanted a challenge.. and well. xD To ace the first world one level in particular ate 30 lives!!

I love it though, it is nice to have a difficult platformer for a change. Some of the recent Mario games have been insanely easy. Mario 3D Land, I'm looking at you.

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Even though Donkey Kong Country Returns is one of my favorite 2D platformers and heck, games ever, I don't think i'll be picking this version up. It just seems like a better fit on the big screen to me, and from the videos i've seen, the lighting looks a little bit off compared to the original version.

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Is anyone else trying to play this on an ordinary 3DS? (not XL)
I'm finding that it's so small it makes my eyes sleepy and gives me a headache, so basically, it's unplayable.

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I've got an ordinary 3DS and I'm not finding it anywhere near unplayable...I actually enjoy it more than I did the Wii version. But diff'rent strokes...




i have to wait a week to get this game. I can`t wait to play it though. I`m buying a physical copy so I can share it with my son. He loves platformers.

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I have decided to skip this version of the game. I have and beat the game on Wii and I guess the 3D effect and extra levels aren't enough for me to do a $35 double dip.


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The frame-rate is somewhat noticeable, but it doesn't bother me at all, as the game still runs very smoothly. The 3D is mind-blowing at times and brings the game world to life. It is hard to believe this was originally a Wii title, as it almost seems like it was designed with stereoscopic 3D in mind. The controls are very responsive, and on original mode the challenge is refreshing. I'm not sure yet, but this has the potential to be one of the best platformers on the system.

@OldMan-Tech Thanks for recommending this, dude. And I can definitely see the resemblance to Rayman Origins.

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