Topic: Done anyone utilize the "Game Notes" section on the 3DS?

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Only for testing purposes. lol

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Never knew it existed.

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I remembered another use I give to this, a lot...

I use it to freeze the game and being able to take good photos of whatever is happening at the moment when I want to share pics of my games. Not every game allows me to immortalize it via Miiverse, after all.

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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I use them to keep track of what I am doing or where I am going in some games, it really helps when I haven't been playing a game for too long.
I also make lists of secrets I pass by so that I can go back to them easily; and I take a lot of notes while playing animal crossing to remember birthdays, what kind of coffee my neighbours like, dream adresses etc...

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I used it for Scarecrow's Song in Ocarina of TIme and some stuff in Etrian Odyssey IV but that's about it. I do think it's a pretty handy feature though.

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I used this A LOT for Virtue's Last Reward.



On Fire Emblem awakening to remember which pairs I had to train.



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