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Topic: Done anyone utilize the "Game Notes" section on the 3DS?

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Personally, I use them mainly for just one thing and it's Animal Crossing: New Leaf related. I don't have a PC anymore at home (dang motherboard fried 11 months ago) nor a laptop so I use my work PC a lot. Whenever I get a new piece of furniture or a shirt or anything in New Leaf, and I'm not near a PC to update my item collection here, I go to the "Game Notes" section of the 3DS and jot it down. I have to write it down somewhere because I sell 99% of my items at Re-tail....and I won't remember what item it was that I need to check off on my list whenever I get back in front
of a PC......thus that's where the Games Notes section becomes quite handy.

Yeah yeah, sorry for the cool story there.....but....does anyone else use the Game Notes section???

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Occasionally. I only NEED it for VC titles that need puzzle solving. Otherwise, i'll doodle in it or write up a shopping list.

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i use them for quick notes regarding where i'm going in a game sometimes. i remember when i was playing Code of Princess i jotted down what levels i needed characters' stats to be so that i could get through to the end of the game, it helped me to focus while grinding. And then for FE:A, I used it to help plan which people were going to marry whom, and to remember what skills I was grinding them toward in order to pass 'em down to their kids. Most of the time i forget the feature is there, though :$

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...sometimes... it's been awhile since I've used it, though.

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I use it a little for a variety of things. I write down passwords/hints from certain games, keep track of personal records for some games that don't do it within the game itself (the season scores for Tecmo Bowl, for example), write does ideas for Colors 3D, and I keep track of how much money I've spent on the eShop. Probably a few other things that I can't remember off the top of my head.

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I just doodle pictures of anime girls. I guess It'll be useful, but I haven't figured out what to use it for yet. I have a peetty sharp memory, I guess...

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I kept my Scarecrow song for Ocarina of Time on there... and recently I used it for remembering gifts for the animal crossing christmas event...
Those are the only two times I've used them though...

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I used it for a few months to remember my locker combination at school.

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Never use it, although I could sometimes.

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I used it for Zero Escape, but that's about it.

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I use it when I play Zelda, other then that I don't use it

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No not really but then again I got sum mad skillz son!!!

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I use it frequently. I have a couple of VC passwords, and I also used it for remembering who wanted what for Animal Crossing's Toy Day. I also have a couple of times written down, but I have no idea what I wrote them for. :$

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Never used it, though ironically I can think of quite a few good reasons to do so.


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Whenever I take notes of something, I do it on pen and paper. I like having the notes right next to me, instead of having to check back to the 3DS home screen.

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I do for lots of things, tracking what I run out o during the week so I know what to buy at the store. Some games notes. Addresses that are really important. Appointments, like to the doctor.

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Well… I didn't use Game Note for games. I used it for workout plan such as how many reps, and how much the weight I should be using for specific day of the week.

But I did use my phone for game notes more for Animal Crossing New Leaf so far. I used it for Toy Day and coffee so far. I don't like looking up on the internet except for how to get event items.

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Never used it.

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I only used it like... 3 times. Those 3 times was for something naughty ;D

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