Topic: Does street pass send out your birthday to other users.

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I'm considering using street pass later today but I'm wondering if it sends your birthday to random people.

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Considering that I don't have a 3DS, I don't know.

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@portista: If you don't know, why bother responding?

@koryz: yes, if you're tagged by another person and their Mii arrives on your 3DS, whatever answers they've attached to said Mii will show up along with them. There are fields for 'Dogs or cats?', 'Hobby', and 'Dream' (those three are filled out by selecting your Mii in the Mii Plaza and choosing 'Mii Settings', then 'Edit Profile'), then 'Birthday', and 'Creator' (those two are filled out while creating your Mii). The other user's region and last 3DS game played will also be shown. You can choose whether or not to display Creator information to other people via StreetPass ('Mii Settings' then 'StreetPass Setting'), but it doesn't give you the same option for birthday info (then again, they don't allow you to fill in what year you were born, just the day and month).

You can choose which Mii you'd like as your StreetPass Mii, though; it doesn't have to be your default. So long as you created it, you can use it for StreetPass. If you don't want to show your birthday at all, just don't fill that information in when you create it. :3

If you have any more StreetPass-related questions, please ask them in the StreetPass thread. Thank you :3

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