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Usually yes. But I always research a game before buying it, which includes watching youtube videos of the gameplay.


irken004 wrote:

Usually yes. But I always research a game before buying it, which includes watching youtube videos of the gameplay.


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I usually look around to several different sites first before making my decision. Metacritic is usually a good launchpad to start from. If the reviews are mixed, I'll watch videos of the game.

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Mully wrote:

I usually look around to several different sites first before making my decision. Metacritic is usually a good launchpad to start from. If the reviews are mixed, I'll watch videos of the game.

This is what i do.



I never pay much attention to a "score" but more the actual written review as it tells me what a game is all about which can peak my interest enough to give a new game a shot. However if it's a franchise I'm already familiar then I wouldn't be checking out a review at all.

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It depends if, for example, ONM uk say a game is too easy or short but fun then I would consider buying it as the people there are world class gamers (one would have got into world top 20 of super mario bros speen run if he had played on the US version). If they say it has bad graphics or no online or local multiplayer then I might buy it but if they say a game isnt FUN then I wouldnt buy it. Amazon is a great place to check reveiws as the people there might be fans of say the tv show of a game which you like whereas if onm doesnt know much about the tv show they might not understand the game but you would




I have games that have been getting a bad rap (Like the underrated Lux-Pain) but I still enjoy the hell out of them. I'm even excited for Samuria Warroirs for the 3DS, and that is getting some average reviews.

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No. Usually by the time I get to the buying point I've carefully assessed the game, via game play trailers and by reading articles, and decided that I want it already. Most of the time I watch or read reviews AFTER I've started to play the game just to see what other people think of it.



I honestly don't pay attention to scores before I have said game.
What I would look for in a review is that everything seems to be as promised. Like the recent Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions, I might use a review to make sure that Pac-Man CE, Galaga Legions, Pac-Man (arcade), and Galaga (arcade) are all good, full versions of those games. I just really don't care what one person thinks of having older games paired with two new ones. For example.

I also read reviews to start a discussion about the game with the reviewer (of course, after I've played the game). Though if it's a review from a big corporate site, I know they won't take the time to respond, so I feel free to critique their critique.

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Mully wrote:

Metacritic is usually a good launchpad to start from.

effing signed. i love how Metacritic pulls all kinds of reviews into the same general place so that i can just click down the line and read 'em all at once instead of having to search different sites individually for them.

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No. I've played a lot of games with 5 out of 10 and I loved them.
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If the game looks like something I'd enjoy and received mixed reviews, I'll still check it out. If the game gets a majority of bad reviews or is reported as "broken" in some reviews, I'll skip it.

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Usually I don't care about the score itself, but a lot of times not even reviews. Since I'm not the richest Hylian in Castle Town (I mean I am the prince but), I'll usually go on word-of-mouth or just reputation of a certain game. And a lot of times, I don't care about anyone else's opinions and I'll just get a game 'cause I want it

Edit: And speaking of researching a game, I'll do that on a game if I've never played any like it (or in the franchise) before, but for something that I pretty much know what the content will be (like Zelda) I'll go in blind to get more out of it.

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Nope, but I'll tell you what's stopping me....The god damn Summer 'HEAT' Ya, i love the sun and everything, but the heat begins to get unbarable and it makes gaming or watching movies unenjoyable. Sure a fan helps, but it's noisy and annoying. I have an air conditioner, but i can't use it since it lets of mercury and funny enough i still have mercury poisining.

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Often times no. If its a game I'm on the fence about then maybe. I generally know what type of games I will like these days though, so if it looks interesting I will buy. I also love finding those niche titles that try something new and generally to find those type of games you gotta take a risk once in a while. Also I've noticed that anything first party Nintendo always gets a 7 or above and I've been burned on a number of first party titles that are even considered amazing and popular games. So further research is usually required despite an amazing score.



True story: I avoided the Tecmo Koei Warriors games for a long time because of the reviews they got.

Then I just happened to end up with Samurai Warriors 3 for review on Wii last year.

Now I own 10 Warriors games.

Mind you I never paid any mind to the review scores as such. It's the content in the reviews I look to.


Most reviews seem to help. I tend to look at a few to weed out bias. I'm done buying games that are rated 9 or 10 though especially on Nintendo consoles....I never agree.

@everyone - pay careful attention to review scores for Warriors games. They're unbelievably mediocre Western press is right on the money there.

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