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Have a 3ds xl and have the 3D on low when playing pokemon x. Its subtle but attractive, I'm convinced there is something wrong with the game when it comes to full 3d because the image just goes crazy blurred.

When playing Zelda link between worlds I have it half way. Game looks great with the 3d and uses it very well.

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I have a lazy right eye, so focusing on the screen enough to see the 3D effect tires me out (And gives me a pretty hefty headache) right quick, so i use 3D in short "How cool does it look?"-bursts, but i also go days without using 3D at all...

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When I got my 3ds 3d was on all the time, but I never felt it was worth it until one day while playing Dillon's rolling western I turned it off to see how it would look. I was surprised at how flat it felt. I now never go 2d unless my eyes are tired or I'm in a position where I can't see the 3d well.

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I have it on almost 100% of the time. I'm glad I'm someone who doesn't get headaches from the 3D because I really enjoy the effect.

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Pit-Stain wrote:

Yup, all of the time, except in Pokémon Y, cause the graphics gets a bit bad when the 3D is on in a battle.

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I used 3D for almost all of Link Between Worlds and 3D Land at half way. Other games I turn it on ocassionaly, but leave it off most of the time. If the 3D is a functional part of the gameplay and not just ascetic, I use it a lot more.

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I try not to use it. It's more of a pain to use because I don't ever keep the system in the right place for very long, and it never actually adds anything anyways. It's just an effect that's cool for, like, a minute and then I stop noticing it.

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I would like to use it more often (and I used it most of the time when my system was new), but my slider doesn't work anymore (the 3D won't turn off), so I had to completely shut down the effect with parental controls.

I sometimes still input the password in case there's something I want to see in 3D, but it's not as convenient as the slider (I'd have to exit the game anytime I want to turn it on or off), so I often don't bother.


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Well, I got MK7 and Super Street Fighter IV 3D and I'm finding myself using 3D a lot more now. Funny how things change.

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I like the 3D effect. I will play any game in 3D as long as I have that option.


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I am starting to use it more with the Zelda titles and MK7. I don't use the effect when playing JRPG's.

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I had only tried 3D with pokemon y and luigi's mansion until yesterday, a friend broght mario kart 7 and we played. I don't use it with pokemon or luigi, only when in boss battles to make everything look more epic because I don't think it is so great in those games, but in MK7 the change from flat to 3D is great!



I do use the 3D effect most of the time. I don't get what people have against it. I think it really adds to [most of] the games I play. The only time I have the 3D effect off is when someone tells me to turn it off.

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100% of the time. I love it! I was very disappointed with Pokemon with half 3d and half 2d.

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