Topic: Do you use the 3D often?

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I like the 3D but I only use it when I'm home. the normal 3DS(don't know about the XL since I don't have one) has a weird image distortion when the sunlight hits the screen(on 3D mode) and it also feels weird keeping it aligned all the time in public(it literally feels weird, it looks normal but I feel uneasy)

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I ALWAYS have it on. It's pretty cool to me. It will be even cooler when Petit Computer 3D comes out. I'd love to make some games that fully utilize 3D.

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all the time. but generally at about 50%, seems to be optimal for my eyes to maintain focus without any double vision going on. i could do 100% on the XL model with relative ease though. the larger screens definitely helped my eyes deal with the 3d better.



I use 3D most of the time. I don't use it if the game looks worse with 3D on, i.e. Rune Factory 4.

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I primarily use the 3D feature, I was surprised at how much at adds to the gameplay when handled correctly. There are times when I get cross eyed and shut it off but for the most part it doesn't bother me.

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I never use it. Once in a while I turn it on just to check it out and I barely notice a difference. I always turn it out to check it out when I get new games, too. Just prefer the 2D I guess.


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3D is always on for me, all the way up.



I always have it on, with the exception of Pokémon X. I'd rather do without the 3D than have to endure the stuttering framerate.



I almost always have it on. Pokemon is an exception because of the framerate issues and that it was obviously build without the 3D effect in mind. So it doesnt matter that much. And soemtimes, if the images suffers from serious ghosting ill turn it down or off. But generally, its on with 100%


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Not in Pokemon Y and Animal Crossing new leaf or when I play virtual console games Otherwise, yes as long as I am not tired.


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I don't use it all that much. In Pokémon, I utilize it pretty often, and in the acid trip scene of ALBW, I also make sure it's on. I want the whole trippy feel, you know?

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I almost never use the 3D. I always get a headache off of it (no matter how low the setting is). I've used it to do some of those 3D puzzles on Mario 3D Land, but that's it. When I first got Ocarina of Time 3D, I would sometimes put it on and watch the cut scenes with it on.



I use it every game I have NOT name Pokemon X. (Really, this shouldn't even be an issue. All that work into 3D models and I can't even enjoy it because it makes the game slowdown more than it already does.)


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Yukari_Sendo wrote:

like 3D Land where I feel it's "impossible" to play the game with it off. xD

What do you mean? I almost never used 3D in that game?

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I always have it on full blast with the exception of Pokemon Y and Tales of the Abyss, with which I have it turned off, and New Super Mario Bros with which I alternate between off and 50% because of that terrible background blur effect.


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I have it on all the time. Only thing that deviates is whether it's on full blast or half.

It's Wario time Yaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Mine is generally on full-blast. My brain loves it.


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nope totally not. 2012 was a stale year for my 3ds , gathered mostly dust.
yeah and 2013 wasnt interesting either .... cmon nintey more core gamer stuff plz
recently i only played 3ds to try out the new zelda, but thats it
lately nintey doesnt release interesting games for me on 3ds. i cant stand any mario game, and since nintey is prown now to spam a mario game every second month they wont get a penny from me
kinda sad cause i really like 3ds ...
but no good game for me personally = no gaming
Ps: maybe he gets more love now cause i use youtube on the go, but not sure

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For me, it's full-blast and all the time !
I can hardly get back in 2D now, it's like if you had to get back to B&W era !



I pretty much never use the 3D slider on my 3DS XL, it hurts my eyes and makes me feel like tossing my cookies all over the place. So yeah, needless to say I keep it off at all times.

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