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Click on link to see screenshots just translated review from japanese to english:

Review! "Do you travel and let Hello Kitty" 3DS!

We're Gonna Go review was released on 3DS on June 21! "Do you travel and let Hello Kitty!"

Do you travel and let Hello Kitty! To go out to different countries! Official

3DS software Hello Kitty upstream on 21, June Block Crash V on June 7.
June is the Festival Hello Kitty!

World Travel ...... I bought just because.
Review because it is in the software with the intention of age 3-5 years old.

There is a mode that can shoot pictures with Kitty AR,
Kitty AR card is super COOL Hakonori to the plane I'm going to come with the best.

Compile Heart and Idea Factory logo that appears on the screen and the bottom on the screen when you start Game Maker is a compilation heart,
"On the big fire under it? - I'm a big fire" like opening.
The two I've prepared a place to decide whether one of the bones in here if ordinary game,
I do not have to worry because this is a game for children.

The mini-games challenge the contents of each country while you travel around the world a collection of mini-games.
We will get a souvenir of costume and illustrations in the currency got called "Puro".
Since the children's game of Kitty "Shura country or here ...... (Megumi Hayashibara CV)" should not be in such a dangerous or deployment.

24 different types of mini-game +1.
Mini game begins by touching on other Sanrio character map screen.
This is America Stage.
Do these guys, but I'm vulgar surprisingly Kikirara trying to eat burgers and fries and cola

Mini game and what makes a cake to touch the screen in accordance with the instructions,
Action game you want to play by tilting the body 3DS,
And so nervous breakdown and game sound like a light.
There are two difficulty as "easy" in the mini-game for all "difficult",
I am doubtful whether low enough to call the game and also the difficulty set to "hard",
Content like stick a strawberry plant Bukkake 5 liters honey ballpoint majority Baitoheru 2000.
I do not present the concept of the score.
Description of the mini-games are all Kitty she'll read,
Kitty and I often talk or cheer during play. Around here are unique to children.
The mini-game and get 300 puromycin clear, get 150 specifications puromycin fails.

Kind of souvenirs you can buy in puromycin is quite rich.
Here Kitty Carnival in Rio. Wao! So hot!

There 's also a ninja kitty!
Why is it that even though the red ninja. I would not even bother to say from me ...... it.

Choices I Kabuki Kitty. This probably too good parentheses.

I do not even take an hour to play until cleared in all difficult mini-games.
3 hours playing until Comp souvenirs.
Although there is no way I can say much Nde title pupil really for children,
That point of dissatisfaction by considering it a non-Sanrio character Hello Kitty is not almost speak first.

Once, like boilerplate lines like this, but I'm a country that has come out and for the first time,
I do not speak at all even in the menu screen and mini-games while they rest.
No voice whatsoever in the words of the text, of course.
Other characters are lonely or only to raise and lower your hands to jump in silence but Kitty seems like a fun but crazy talk.
Cinnamoroll and Kerokerokeroppi shame because I quite like it character appeared.

Play will work even earn quite a painful puromycin, when you try to Comp souvenirs.

When you play in the "Easy" difficulty jigsaw puzzles that you can play in the shop
I can be cleared in less than 10 seconds, because it does not come out only 4 pieces.
Playing all the games in the first hour, two hours remaining earned'm playing this jigsaw puzzle intently.

It is unfortunate that the non-3D'm nice to be able to shoot a commemorative card ....... AR.
Few scenes that support 3D in the first place.
Illustration of gifts but something is organized with depth once.

I do not talk much in where the thinness of the contents of PAP soft feeling made for children as indeed.
Well, I like the way I was playing with me please block obediently crash.

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I think the translation needs work, it sounds like it's written in Engrish with no flow to any of the words or paragraphs. Good example why you don't directly translate Japanese with Google Translate.

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CM30 is right, — the translation is unintelligible, I'm afraid. Thank you for sharing, though!

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