Topic: Do you think that the 3DS will use the touch screen as much as the DS software did?

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well we got a anlog circle pad in addition to a dpad so maybe not... i really like how spirit tracks controls though



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Most games are too obsessed with 3D visuals to use the bottom screen for any more than menus, maps, etc. which is a shame as games like phantom hourglass/spirit tracks had some of the best control schemes on the DS.

Well, it wouldn't make much sense to do a touch screen based control scheme anymore because of the circle pad.

how does that makes sense at all?

theres a massive difference between circle pad controls and touch screen controls, they each have different advantages and disadvantages, the touch screen controls in the zeldas are better than a circle pad control scheme could have been because it allowed the control of items using the touch screen with much more fluency



Due to the uneven screen sizes, I think the touch screen is going to be getting much less emphasis during the 3DS generation and I do think that's a bad thing. That doesn't mean it can't be used widely again. In Nintendogs + cats, Nintendo created iirc a silhouette of a dog on the touch screen as to interact with the actual dog on the top screen. If they're able to do that, they could use the same system for 3DS Zelda games. Have a silhouette of Link with the Boomerang on the bottom screen, draw the path of the item, and then watch it play out on the 3D screen. Games designed similarly to the likes of Kirby Mass Atttack could also take on this silhouette approach. It's not as attractive as what the DS accomplishes, but it serves the same purpose.

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I think it will be used for convenience, instead of controlling the characters.


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Some DS games control better with the circle pad. contact comes to mind as well as Super mario 64X4.

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If they do make a phantom hourglass styled zelda game, which I hope they do, It'll probably have you slashing around on the bottom screen like a tablet while you look at the top screen. Similar to what they did with nintendogs + cats.



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