Topic: Do you buy games at releaseday?

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Well do you? I does it if its not too close to my birthday or christmas.


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It depends. If I want them bad yes. Thing is different on PC though. Since you can get BIG rebates on steam by only waiting a couple of months I mostly get my games when they are on sale. And since most games today are bugged to hell when they release it's nice to have some extra time to get the patched up version later on for cheaper.

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I bought Majora's Mask when it just came out on the VC. Does that count?

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I try to for the most part. But really only for the most important games. I will be buying Pikmin 3, Animal Crossing New Leaf, & Pokemon X & Y on launch day.
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MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

I try to for the most part. But really only for the most important games. I will be buying Pikmin 3, Animal Crossing New Leaf, & Pokemon X & Y on launch day.

This is me, yes to all the above games.

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It's really unlikely, last time i did that was for Super Smash Bros. Brawl...

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If the funds are available, always. :]

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Not usually, only with games that I am really excited for like the main series Pokemon and Fire Emblem Awakening. But usually I wait for the price to go down.

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Waymores_Blues wrote:



I wait for the price drop on pretty much everything. Most of my games say greatest hits or Game of the Year Edition on the cover.

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99% of the time yes.



It depends on the game. Some games I'd never buy at launch, and if no reviews are out, I wait a little while, but it really depends on the circumstances.

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of course






Lately I have.

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hahahahahahahahahahaha no

I used to. I don't anymore. Not really. I'll say "screw it" for like the late fall, early winter but I get games within a month nowadays, and even then only half the time. The only game I've gotten this year that came out this year is Bioshock Infinite and The Cave, and everyone's forgotten about the latter.

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I do...although as to why I don't know. It's not like I ever use the bonuses xD

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It depends

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