Topic: Do you appreciate the 3DS' graphics more now...or less?

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Just played some SM3DL (Luigi mode) and I realized that I think I appreciate the 3DS graphics more now than I did years ago. I used to think the 3DS graphics could be just a little better but now that the Switch is here I really like them for what they are. Call me strange as I know many will feel just the opposite...



I think they're fine. The graphics are better than N64. But then released Starfox 64. They're not great, not horrible. They get the job done.

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I grew up with nintendo portables, and the N64. I have high tolerance to "primitive" graphics.

The 3DS looks fine to me, as does the DS.

(although I have to admit there was a period of time when 3DS devs seemed to think "blur and bloom makes everything look better", thankfully they have moved on from that)

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I remember getting one at launch and being disappointed that game looked barely any better than PSP standards. Once the Vita came out, I barely touched my 3DS again.

I still think many game look awkward. Like the N64, it looks like an awkward transition in visual quality. N64 was like a murkier Saturn or PSX game, whilst the 3DS looks like a funky looking Vita prototype.

Can't say I appreciate it any more now. Perhaps I appreciate less.

I will say, however, that I find games more bareable on the XL than the original screens. I don't know why.



Joeynator3000 wrote:

The Monster Hunter games look pretty nice on 3DS, I mean I still want a Switch version...But the visuals are still impressive.

Basically this. 3D Land looks good. The Zelda 3D-makes look good except for my issues with them changing the mood of a lot of rooms and changing the art style. Mario Kart 7 looks a little gross to me, especially the character models and the mushroom bounce animations. Fire Emblem Awakening looks underwhelming when you're not looking at character portraits of a cutscene, but that's because that series is still running on 2D sprites for some reason. I think Pokemon Sun/Moon and Monster Hunter 3U are the best-looking games on the system. It helps that their worlds are so exotic and interesting to explore.

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I grew up playing games since the ViC-20. Graphics don't bother me at all. I care a lot more about the other components than what the graphics look like. The 3DS is just fine to me.

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@Noonch So 3ds have better graphics than a 21 y.o console. But time flies.

I play Persona Q and i find pixelated graphics kinda primitive. Wish it was more like PS Vita on the hardware department. 3ds feature was a gimmick. I would trade it for better resolution on a heartbeat.



@dimi I think being old makes it more forgivable to me. I have a soft spot for "retro gaming" so I think the 3DS is one of the best places to have those experiences.

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I've always thought the 3DS had good graphics.

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Games like 3D Land had a certain reflective quality in some of their textures that I thought made the game look really amazing. It shows up in many games and made me appreciate the graphical prowess of the 3DS. Even after all these years



After the release of the Switch, I must admit that I grew less fond of the 3DS graphics than before seeing what Switch can do. I know it's not fair comparing these two but whenever I see a release on 3DS, like the upcoming Fire Emblem Echoes for example, I'd rather have it on Switch. It's probably because in my head, Switch is a successor to WiiU and 3DS so while I definitely love my 3DS, I'd rather play on the newer hardware.

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I feel like many 3DS games have reasonable graphical fidelity, but the resolution of the 3DS screen is still absolutely pathetic and probably helps conceal the true power/graphical quality of 3DS hardware. As long as you can get past the resolution, most games look nice, but any kind of artstyle going for minute detailing suffers dramatically. Even in games like Tales of the Abyss, going from the 3DS port to the PS2 original feels like a massive step up in quality (with the exception of loading times) simply due to resolution. The 3DS really could have used a 480p screen. It's bad enough on the original handheld and they've only made the screens larger to make the issue even more apparent. I feel like once a solid 3DS emulator is established, we'll be able to appreciate the system's graphics a bit more, but textures will probably be lower res than we realized.

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Personally I really love the graphics of most 3DS games, which are pretty much the same to the Gamecube /PS2 generation. From that generation to this day, graphics in most games are fine to me, but before that I feel that they used to have one generarion with good graphics followed by another that I didn't like:

NES and game boy games had 8 bit graphics and looked ugly to me, but they do have some games that have charm in their looks. Then we have the SNES games which look great to me, followed by the N64/ Playstation games and the jump to 3D which I find unbearable (yes, I think Mario 64 and even Ocarina of Time look ugly and to be honest I even thought that as a kid) with the exception of the 2D games that came out to those consoles.

After that graphics haven't been a concern for me, I mean, games like Okami and Windwaker look so great (not only because of the graphics but also the art direction) that I still find them amongst the most beautiful games I've ever seen. 3DS has as strong contenders and games that still delight me in terms of graphics: Monster Hunter Stories, Pokemon Sun/Moon, Smash Bros and Dragon Ball Fusions. Heck, even Okamiden (DS) surprises me.

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