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Digimon Re:Digitize Decode was released for the 3DS in Japan, but the game has not been localized in North America or Europe. Further, it has been several years since a Digimon game has been released in English, since Digimon Championship, which was a flop in comparison to the other games Bandai released on the DS, including Digimon World DS and Digimon Dawn and Dusk. Since then, games including Lost Evolution and Xros Wars have relegated releases from regions other than Japan. In response to the Digimon Re:Digitize Decode game being introduced to the 3DS, originally released for the PSP in Japan, was also released on the 3DS in the region out of popular demand.

With that, a group has been created to also negotiate for the game to be localized in other regions, of which have not had Digimon releases since Champions. A representative of the group made contact with Bandai, requesting the localization. The company responded that if the group garnered at least 15,000 signatures, they would definitely consider the localization, especially if more than that number of signatures was collected. Thus far, over 11,000 signatures have been collected. The petition began exactly one month ago today and is already so close to enough signatures for a strong consideration by Bandai given the short amount of time it took to collect the signatures.

My questions to you are:

Would you like to see Digimon Re:Digitize Decode become localized in other regions outside of Japan?

Can Digimon garner the popularity in regions outside of Japan as it previously had if this game is released on the 3DS?

Lastly, the link to the petition. It takes one minute (or less) to complete a signature.



Firstly, put the link to your sig, people see it more that way.

And before you ask, I already signed that petition, and the person is really amazing in organising that kind of thing. I want to do the same thing with Fantasy Life, but unsure about how to go with it...

Anyhow, it will be amazing to see Digimon outside though, I really miss playing the Digimon World 1 type of gameplay!


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Advertise in your sig. It'll get more noticed like that.
@darkfenrir beat me to it... -.-

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Oh, thanks, I might go ahead and do that, However, I do not come on here very often.



If that game came over to NA, I would definitely buy it!
I am a HUGE Digimon fan!
I've signed the petition.

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I love digimon! stopped watching after frontier. Just signed ^_^ only 1,778 signatures left were so close O_O

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Can you guys help my petition?


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Like said above, advertise the petition in your signature.

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