Topic: Did you enjoy Steel Diver?

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I found a copy for $8. It's a good game. See my review for my opinion.



Isn't that one of the 3DSes launch title games?


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I enjoyed most of it. The last level was crazy though.
@Klyoctopus Don't you mean a STEEL!

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It had excellent graphics and 3D, that's perhaps the nicest thing I can say about it. I didn't care for the gameplay much, it felt more tedious than anything else

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I'm thinking of picking it up actually as a little hold me over until Pokemon X. There are like a billion copies of it on the web and people are blowing them out for like $4-10 new. Sad to see that this new IP was "sunk on arrival", but today for $5? I think It'll make decent addition to my collection

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Neo-GeoFan wrote:

Sad to see that this new IP was "sunk on arrival", but today for $5?

Steel Diver was a DS tech demo back in 2004.

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I thought it was great... no idea why few else did.



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