Topic: Dead or Alive Dimensions to have Smash Bros. character as a guest star.

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This'll probably get people fired up. As much as so many gamers were disgusted with team Ninja's portrayal of Samus last year. I personally loved Other M but there's alot of cry baby's out there claiming they ruined Samus. Looks to me like team Ninja isn't quite done with her just yet, This new DOA game looks like something I might be interested in.

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DOAD was a maybe before, but this very much looks like Samus is included in the game, upgrading it to a buy. Even if Samus is not in the game, that background stage is very cool. Personally, I think DOA will suit the 3DS more than SSF4 due to there not being as many controller actions and being mainly punch, kick etc presses.




Hurray for product placement?

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She's also going to be the most boring female character, because armour doesn't let boobs bounce.

And no, I'm being quite serious. Jiggle physics is one of the major selling points of DoA. It's the kind of juvenile humour that introduces people to what is a pretty decent fighting game underneath - it's part of the series' aesthetic and history.

Samus is going to stick out like a conservative christian going to a frat party.


Dead or Alive is known to portray women rather... negatively.
I don't want Samus with oversized breasts or revealing clothing.
The Zero Suit is fine... sort of. I don't want her portrayed like the rest of the beach game characters

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It looks like Samus isn't a playable character but rather an event that happens in the stage, with players having to fulfil certain conditions before she appears. Sorry guys - no jiggle.


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It may look that way now, but I still find it doubtful that they'll stop there, particularly given the inclusion of Link in Soul Calibur and the fact that Team Ninja already designed a Zero Suit Samus for Other M that is more ... appropriate to their taste than the standard model.

In other words, I refuse to give up hope.

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There's no reason to expect Samus to be playable. The stage was cool though and notice the Metroid battle music. I've never played a DOA game though, and I don't know if I would like it. TvC is more my style of fighter.

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I would be surprised if Nintendo allowed a character from its IP to jiggle away. But who knows? The video only has her armour suit.

Zero Suit Samus would suit the DoA heritage though, I guess.

@JumpMad if you don't like how a game portrays women, then don't buy it. I'm more concerned when a fighting game has a cross-over character that doesn't fit in with the rest of the cast. Hello Soul Calibur and Spawn, Link, Darth Vader... It just takes the game to whole new levels of silliness, and becomes uncomfortable to play (IMO)

I still reckon Kratos in the new MK game is the only one to actually fit in. Mind you, Kratos is gonna rip Scorpion a new one.

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By the way, I highly doubt Nintendo would let one of their character's have such distorted physics in that region.

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irken004 wrote:

I did not authorize this, Samus >:/


For you, the day LordJumpMad graced your threads, was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.



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