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moomoo wrote:

@darthmawl Ouch... that sucks. Still, it looks like a snazzy device. I just got one through the Amazon deal. I look forward to seeing it in the mail tomorrow.

And hey, for what it's worth, Uncharted was already on PS Plus, Retro City Rampage isn't all that great, and Sly Cooper is available pretty cheap, and even then it's not a must. So you still got a good deal.

Is the 32 gb card available over there?

Didnt.check it out yet! im looking forward for Soul sacrifice and persona 4 ! And that looks very fun !

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suburban_sensei wrote:

Picked up Paper Mario for $10. Surprised to hear all the hate for the game on here. I have been curious about it, so I think $10 is a decent investment, because I hear some people say they hate it and others say the love it. I liked Mario & Luigi: Dream Team a lot, and some people I know said they enjoyed Paper Mario Sticker Star more.

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Sticker Star is worth $10. But he was asking why a title like that was marked down so low, when first party titles like that still usually fetch near their original asking price even a year out from release.

And everyone answered.

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Fire Emblem: Awakening and New Super Luigi U are both $15 on Best Buy's website right now.

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darthmawl wrote:

I know but im in canada and cant order this bundle it says US only when ive tried

Canadian here... was indeed selling Vita bundles. Black Ops: Declassified (bleh), Hot Shots Golf (what?), an 8GB memory card, and a carrying case for $179. Price is back to $199 now, but it was $179 for Cyber Monday. Only reason I passed on it myself was because I'm holding out for the PCH-2000 model.

Link to the listing:

As for 32GB memory cards, yes they're available in Canada for the same ludicrous price that they are in USA. Canada and the US are basically the same market. I'm holding on that too though, because the 64GB card just released in Japan last month and should be here eventually too. Hopefully it doesn't follow the rest of the pack and cost 4x as much as an SD card.

And I picked up Ni no Kuni for $10

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Joetherocker wrote:

Fire Emblem: Awakening and New Super Luigi U are both $15 on Best Buy's website right now.

OMFG THANK YOU! FYI though it requires store pickup, no shipping for some reason.

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*update on Fire Emblem - Bestbuys changed it to allow shipping.

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