Topic: Current gen or last gen console to handheld remakes anyone?

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Before I start I am sorry for any terrible spelling

I personally would love to see games such as mirrors edge (original game around 11gb), portal (original around 1.3gb), Half life (original around 75mb),final fantasy 5-8 (size unknown),kingdom hearts 1+2 (1=?,2=2.84gb),And many more are what I'd love to see on the small small screen in 3d!! (any file sizes may be incorrect or in the wrong format I am very sorry for this-I only gave these to compare to the new 2gb sizes of 3ds games)
So what games do you want to be remade?(and I don't want any "how about new ones" because new games and remakes can always come out at once.)

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F Zero GX

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I'd say maybe a port of Sunshine. It might work well on it. Or even Kirby Air Ride 3D! With online play, of course.

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That's EPIC!!! like yarn and mice. <(.i_i.)> KIRBY


ET in 3D!!!!

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Wind Waker, although that may be more of a New Play Control Wii title with all that Wind conducting.

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Wind Waker would look gorgeous in 3D.



Winslow wrote:

F Zero GX

Klapaucius wrote:

Wind Waker would look gorgeous in 3D.

This. And this.

(Although I'd prefer a new F-Zero to a remake of GX)

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So far I can say I agree with all these
So far there all nintendo stock (which owns )
But feel free to mention other companys doing remakes, I want to hear about stuff from the ps2 perhaps,
So keep that in mind when posting, Okay thanks for the feedback.

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