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Well, I got my Nintendo Power yesterday I believe...or was it Saturday?...Anyways I went through it and saw this one game called Crush 3D. From what the magazine said, it sounds like the game I was wanting to see in a Mario game for the 3DS. I remember posting a thread a long time ago about it, (or posted in a thread...) and all I got was "that's Super Paper Mario" or ANYways figured I'd make a discussion thread for this game for those of you who know about it or played it before. (says its a port of some kind from the PSP version)

EDIT: It is somewhat similar to SPM, but it stays, 2.5D....I dunno, when you switch to 3D mode (SPM's camera changes to a different angle completely)....Well whatever, I looked up the PSP version on IGN, have fun.
EDIT2: Well apparently NP didn't say everything about the game, lol...reads review

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Hm, a port. Well, it would benefit the game visually. Would have been better had it been and original sequel. But it looks interesting, no doubt.



I played it on psp before when my psp still worked lol. It is crazy fun and gets very challenging as you progress.



I was considering buying this for my PSP, but I will just wait for the 3DS port. It sounds like a more fun and intresting version of Super Paper Mario.

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@Hyper_Knucles, yes I was like 'this is Super Paper Mario all over again'.

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When he fell in the video would look awesome in 3d, Think I might get this.

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