Topic: Crashing Game (Persona Q) and other SD card problems

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Recently, I've been playing some Persona Q as I've just got into the series, but now, I get troubles whenever I try to play in the second floor of the scary maze area. Whenever it starts to enter, the game crashes and then I have to turn my game off. I've also started having problems with my SD card as sometimes it resets certain things like not giving me my DLC for Smash Bros (this is easily fixed, however, it keeps recurring) and it also keeps resetting my 3DS theme. Any solutions or possible causes?



How big is the SD card, what manufacturer, did you format the thing? There's a lot the 3DS can recognize and use, for a while, but that will make issues some time down the line. I used to have those kind of issues myself before I just got on of the ones Nintendo advertise as "compatible" on their website.

Usually repairing or outright deleting and reinstalling software, themes etc fixed the problems for a while before it went back to not properly working.

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@Tsurii It's a silvertec micro sd card put into a silvertec microsd card adapter



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