Topic: Cost/Date: is it something to worry about?

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How much are we willing to pay for it? Many experts have said the cost will be around $200, but what do you think? And will Nintendo release this before santa comes to town? Or will they push it back another year?



I hope it is released around the holidays so I can get it for christmas!

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Idk man. Probably 200 like you said, 40 for games, and it would be nice if it came out around Christmas, especially since it looks pretty complete.



I'm not worried about when. I'll be in Japan, but even then don't intend to get it on release. Maybe around next Spring. My concern is the cost, though. If I have the money I may get it around Christmas or soon after. I'd be hoping for a price similar to the DSi, or not much higher. Same for the games. The remakes might even be priced cheaper.



I think it might be more than $200 because it seems too awesome, but on the other hand Nintendo usually tries to appeal to the casual gamers in making sure their systems aren't too expensive, so maybe they really can sell this for $200.

I think they would be fools to miss the x-mas shopping season, but it is a little scary they haven't given us a date. I want it now!

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I think for the amount of (current) technological advancements in the 3DS and the probable high costs to manufacture said advancements, I think $200 sounds reasonable, provided the actual quality of the materials is high.

As for the game costs, I hope they stay at the $20-35 range, but I'd be willing to pay for $40 games provided they're worth it and not gimmicky you-know-what in 3D.

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I'd imagine, with several DS titles still on the way for late 2010/early 2011 release (including their very own first-party titles Pokémon Black and White), they'll hold the release of this back until around summer 2011.
As for cost, I'd see it somewhere between £150 and £180 (don't know what that equates to in US dollars). More than the DSi, but less than the Wii's launch price.


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From what we can tell, the system looks pretty much complete from the E3 build. And since Nintendo is letting E3 attenders play it out in the open and not behind curtains, I'd say it's a good bet to say that it's coming out in the end of this year or the extremely early beginning of 2011. Also, it seems that Nintendo doesn't have any Christmas releases since Zelda was pushed back to 2011, which would make the 3DS a prime candidate for Nintendo's heavy hitter of the shopping season. As for the price, I would prefer spending $200 on the thing, but I wouldn't be surprised if it cost up to $250 since it's new tech.

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Im hoping for A December 2010 release because that's when they'll get the most money, I hope it comes to NA first though like the DS.

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i'm calling $200-$250 this holiday season by november. What game do you think it will come in.


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I'm thinking it will be around $189 - $245. It will be out this xmas or Early 2011.



I think the system will be $200 and then there'll be a $10 hike up for games to make up for it. I'd have a hard time believing Nintendo could make their handheld more expensive than their console.



I'm hoping for around $200. I be ok with that and I'd probably be able to afford it at launch. As for games, I want them to stay at the usual $35, but I can do $40 barely.



Date: Not at all. The longer it's in development, the more that they can do.

Cost: That's a concern. I'm only comfortable with a $250 price tag max.


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If it's anywhere above 200 its probably a lay-a-way or worse...Christmas gift.

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I'm gonna be really, really pissed if it costs more than a Wii, like all of you are saying. If they are smart they will make it around $150. Less than a Wii, but the same as a 360 Arcade.

Also, I hate the name. They claim it is a completely new brand, not just a new DS expansion like the DSi, but they added one thing to the name and barely changed the design of the system itself. Woopdie freakin do.

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The Game.

Is it after 9PM EST? You should probably ignore the above post.


$200 sounds reasonable, and if it can be released before December, I can get it for my birthday.

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For me, the later the better since I'll have more time to save money. But.... I don't wanna wait!




PRICE: $249.99
DATE: January 23rd, 2011

I'm thinkin' that'll be close.



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