Topic: Confirmed $249.99 price and a release of March 27th thoughts

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im intrested in buying one just for the sake of dsihub. i have been a mod at dsihub long enouth not to upgrade to the proper unit to do dsihub on when the time is right. that too and the graphics this unit offers.
(pica200 is what im talking about) 3D graphics i will use sometimes. other than that i absolutley adore the 1 friend code online system. hopefully we can deck are mii's out with all types of clothing from difrent games we play. in other news i think nintendo will follow up to sonys agressive $10 priceing plan for games.

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It wasn't the best price and the sales weren't too glad I got it when it dropped to $170. Although, I wish they'd make those dang Ambassador games available in eShop soon.

Is there to was though when even at like of than with it?

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Why why why would you revive this thread, of all things? This thread lost its relevance a long, long time ago...

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