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at launchWow, that's the most dissapointing launch-up for any Nintendo console or handheld I have ever seen. There is not even a first-party game from a major Nintendo franchise [like Mario or Zelda] [Nintendogs does NOT count]!

that V

JumpMad wrote:

Hopefuly, The US Line up would be better

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I wouldn't worry to much about the price western peeps. Here's examples of some DS pricing.

1up dot com wrote:

The Nintendo DS game will be released on March 28, 2009 in Japan for ¥5980 ($64), somewhat more expensive than the ¥4800 ($52) DS average but still well below many predictions. Wada had previously stated that he would set the DQIX price point as high as the market would bear, but Bandai Namco's Tales of Hearts will set the new DS price record when it launches on December 18 for ¥6650 ($72). DQIX will come in below that figure, and far below the series high that DQVI recorded in the Super Famicom era at ¥11400 ($123).

@JumpMad: Yea, I've seen that game in action.

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@OB: Not to mention that they need to release the fourth one first

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Interesting how SSF IV is onne of the lower priced games. I wonder why that is?

Probably because the 360 and PS3 versions only cost $39.99 at launch. I'm not 100% sure about Japan, but I've read that Capcom knew people had already purchased (non-Super) Street Fighter IV and it would be cruel to charge full price for an upgraded version so soon (unlike Call of Duty with its full price yearly releases ). I guess they're trying to stay consistent with the pricing, and several buyers of the game might already own the console version but want the definitive handheld installment.

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/me puts rage on hold until the 19th.



No 3DS, go back to your room until Super Monkey Ball is on that list!

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Dont worry gamers, im sure nintendo will prepare something nice for us...

>at launch day
Baby Blue 3DS + "Nintendogs + Cats" bundles for everyone!

Meowph, that's right!

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The yen is pretty strong against the dollar right now. I wouldn't imagine they'd price games at any more than $50 in the US. Thanks to y2josh for posting the 1up excerpt with current DS prices. It looks like they're actually not increasing in price that much, which is nice.

It's a pretty pathetic lineup, so hopefully there will be more coming shortly after. I think I can skip the launch day lines, if nothing else, if that's the US lineup too.

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Nintendo fans complaining about the launch line-up...

That sounds like an awesome plot for my new Nintendo Victims Unit episode.

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^I'll never forget that. The only time I ever bought a console on launch and there was nothing for me to play on it.

WaltzElf wrote:

Mickeymac wrote:

WaltzElf wrote:

Samurai Warriors. Or did none of you see that?

Best launch ever.

And its graphics put Ridge Racer 3D to shame.

Samurai Warriors 3 on the Wii was one of the ugliest games released in 2010.

Didn't stop it from being the best.

True, I'm just saying, a series that's often graphically inferior is outdoing them. They really could've done better in that department and I know it'll hurt there sales at least somewhat.

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WaltzElf wrote:

I think a lot of people are also forgetting how woeful the DS launch line-up was.

Yup, I think people are being way to harsh anyway. Even if you don't want any one specific game it's hard to deny that it's a well rounded lineup and the average quality is likely to be pretty high too.

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True, I'm just saying, a series that's often graphically inferior is outdoing them. They really could've done better in that department and I know it'll hurt there sales at least somewhat.

In the west, yeah. In Japan? The ability to play Samurai Warriors... in 3D is going to sell spectacularly. The PSP Warriors games are the ugliest you can possibly find, and yet there are no less than six of them for sale. Suggests Japanese gamers are happy to play ugly games on handhelds (or at least, ugly versions of this series).

On the other hand, Samurai Warriors 3 on the Wii sold poorly (which is why there's the PS3 game coming). Nintendo's probably not a great home for this series.

But at least it gives me something to play on 3DS launch day

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Ah man, I can't wait! It's gonna be insane!




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