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Yes sir, there will be a video in the link that shows bits and pieces of the tech demo in action.

From what I could see, it looks like it's running fine on the 3DS architecture, the lead designer did say it was on par with Wii, and there was also a little third-person shooter action within!
What I don't like was how the actual player was controlling the game, using her finger on the touch screen to aim. Looked a bit awkward, but it's still a fine tech demo.

Any thoughts, leave 'em behind here!

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Use the gyroscope for aiming, dammit!



THe player looked like she didnt know how to play it, Im pretty sure its meant for stylus aiming. And its only a proof of concept/tech demo so finer things like Gyrsocope aiming and control customization probably are not in there, it could be a completely different game genre or the 3DS port of Deux Ex Human Revolution, hopefully with no piss filter.

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They did say they were messing around with the controls, so will be different kind of play controls for you to choose from.
cough gyro scope cough. Also, there should be some huge amounts of customization available for the player, so i am not worried about the way she was playing.

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pixelman wrote:

Use the gyroscope for aiming, dammit!

Unfortunately that would only make a suitable option and not an ideal setup for every fps fan out there. I'd love it, but they'd still be missing a few potential buyers if they didn't have other control schemes. In other words, there will likely still be a lack of buttons. I guess they could always map functions to the dpad/face buttons depending on what hand you use and just use the analog stick for some sort of movement.

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Gyroscope aiming would only be viable for a Metroid Prime 3-style aiming system. 1:1 stylus aiming (like Prime Hunters) would still be much more responsive and accurate, and anyone not using that kind of aiming in multiplayer would get smoked by those who do.

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They put a "supreme effort" on the Wii list year?

Oh lord.



I hope they put in a bunch of Controlling types if (and hopefully when) Conduit on 3DS comes out. It'd be nice to try a bunch of different modes and see how they work out!

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It needs to be a new Conduit game for me to consider getting it. Most handheld ports are inferior to their console brethren, and that's especially true for Wii FPSes.

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They should have added a second circle pad... Aiming with the stylus wasn`t too bad, but it was too uncomfortable and cramped for me.

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