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_you haven't played it yet? _ i'd wait for the 3DS version. the original hasn't aged as well, so if you didn't grow up with it you won't be as impressed as the people who played it in '98 were. even the 480p vc version doesn't look too hot, at least not after seeing what majora's mask looks like in 480p.

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I remember playing around 20 minutes or so of it at the time during it's release and it was pretty damn incredible visually and just being able to wonder around in a full 3D world. But sadly at that time I was too into the PSX, and I missed out on both OOT and MM sadly.

But I did play the OOT demo on SSB Brawl, and as far as not aging well, the below 30fps definitly sticks out the most.
Looking back, i remembered it looking and flowing so much better.

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