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Hello everyone

Near the end of last year there was news based on Colors! 3D getting a apparent update.

Link -->

I have a question. When is this update truly available? They said the update was coming before the new year and yet it hasn't. Any help is appreciated.

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If you read the devblog on their FB page, it says it'll be ready around February. One thing I'm really excited for is the sketch gallery - it separates artworks which took more than 15 minutes from those which took less, which means that the new paintings tab won't be spammed as much by people just putting up their FC's.

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You know the one thing that I really, really want on Colors! 3D? The option to not have painting replays saved, because mine are very convoluted to watch and I never use them, so it just wastes SD space for me. >_< At that rate I bought a 32GB card just for Colors!, because it's impossible to just casually sketch with the memory wasted. I just wanna keep all of my stuff on one SD card.

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