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Well no shirt for me then I guess... I do expect some pictures from the shirts though! =P

Made with the 3DS off course!

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Received the mail too ! Happy I am ! But 8 weeks ? Dayum ! I'll probably have it in time for Japan Expo, to show it off with my freshly bought Solatorobo ^^

Waffle !


Wow, yesterday i got that e-mail too.
I totally didn't think i would get it because i could only register my 3DS at about 09:00 AM on the 25th.
Yes it was, Funky Gamer.

NeoRausch wrote:

you know what's strange....they didn't ask for the size.....

I wondered about that too. But even though it' not likely that it'll fit my supreme XXL body i can't see myself giving it away or selling it.

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Nintendo said that it would be the first 3000 people in Europe to register their 3DS would receive a T-Shirt. If that was the case then why have UK gamers not won a T-shirt when they registered just after midnight Friday morning, but a German gamer registered at 9am on Friday DID get one??

Trust Nintendo to cock up such a basic competition!



Yeah kinda strange. I got my shirt and registered at around 10:00 am GMT+1.
8 weeks waiting is really long. No idea what is taking them so long.

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I threw away the Club nintendo pamphlet thingy inside the box

Is there any way I can still get the coins?

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fishman100 wrote:

I threw away the Club nintendo pamphlet thingy inside the box

Is there any way I can still get the coins?


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I just got my shirt. Got the number 1437.

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I saw a picture of the shirt on another website. I thought it was really cool they numbered them. I'm so jealous. Wear it well, Sinster!

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Wear it? I would think that people would tuck it away to become a collectors item.



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