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I just wondering when nintendo life gonna do review on this game?

Id like get it because like sound of 40 different officers u can play as. As well as 400 events in game and ability to custmise character armour and weapons etc plus theres DLC.

Japan reviews have been quite good! but over here its been getting 7.5, 6, 5 etc,

Id like game have lots content and last for good while so this sounds great!

But most of the reviewers have been comparing it to console versions? And i think its silly because it Couldn't possible have same amount enemys on screen ?

Anyway want to know if anyone has bought it and Could tell me more about it:-)


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I believe we might still be waiting on a review copy to arrive, but yes, a review is in the works. We appreciate your patience!

As for discussing the game, there's one going on here. Please feel free to join your fellow enthusiasts :3

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